mscp summer school 2009

The MSCP is pleased to announce its programme for the 2009 Summer School

Week 1: January 26-30
Foucault and Hadot: Philosophy as a Way of Life (Dr. Ashley Woodward)
History of Philosophy IV: Medieval Philosophy, Part 2 (Prof. Ian Weeks)

Week 2: February 2-6
Environmental Political Theory from Spinoza to Negri (Kate Noble)
History of Philosophy V: Rationalism (Jon Roffe)

Week 3: February 9-13
Deleuze's Logic of Sense: A Critical Introduction (Prof. James Williams)
Heidegger's Being and Time (James Garrett)

Week 4: February 16-20
On Slavoj Zizek's Political Theory (Dr. Matthew Sharpe)
Dialectics of Enlightenment (Brian Cook)